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Have you considered that the pain you may be experiencing in your feet, ankles, knees, hips or back, may be aggravated by the way you walk? Even a small functional problem in the feet can place uncomfortable stress on the body. For many people, pain may start from the ground.

Custom Foot Orthotics

These are devices worn in your shoes that provide correction and assistance to your feet and help relieve discomfort by realigning and stabilizing the bones in your feet, restoring your natural walking pattern. There is a range of custom foot orthotics which include:

- Day To Day Wear
- Sports Specific
- Dance & Leisure

The wearing of orthotics in your shoes enable your feet to rest comfortably. Your feet are gently and consistently forced into the correct functioning position for walking, running and standing. Pressure points, improper rotation of the foot, painful muscle strain and abnormal forces on the legs, hips and spine are eliminated because orthotics enable your feet to function properly.

GaitScan Analysis

This is a dynamic measurement of your footstep while walking. It involves the assessment by computer graphics of pressure vs. time through each step. From this data, custom insoles can be manufactured to correct each step and eliminate uncomfortable stress through your body.

How it works:

GaitScan Pressure Plate

As a patient walks (or runs) across the GaitScan pressure plate, thousands of tiny sensors scan the plantar surface of the patient's foot. During the scan, the system records timing sequences during gait and captures the relative pressure load of each area of the foot (Medial Heel, Lateral Heel, Mid-Foot, Metatarsals 1-5, the Hallux and the Toes 2-5).

GaitScan Results
From the patient's step, the computer maps various visual representations of the scan. GaitScan gives the ability to look at the plantar pressures of the foot in 2-D or 3-D, and to view and compare the right and left foot of the patient in a synchronized mode. The 2-D and synchronized mode screen shows the centre of pressure or "gait line" of the foot during the entire step. The system also has the ability to compare the patient's scan to a foot with ideal mechanics.

Analysis Report

This information is summarized in an analysis report. This quantifies assessment findings and allows further evaluation of the patient's foot mechanics. If applicable, the report can serve as documentation for the patient's insurance provider.

Orthotic Clinic
The report findings help to evaluate the patient's foot function. From the pressure and timing information presented in the report, it is possible to determine how foot orthotics will help to redistribute the patient's plantar foot pressure and restore the proper timing of the patient's step. The GaitScan report information is used to select the most appropriate orthotics (with the correction and modifications required) for each patient.
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